Daily Positives

Life's been sucking a little bit lately and, as a result, my mom recommended that I write down some positives every day to remind myself that life doesn't actually suck. Here's my list for May 3rd. 

I did not get drunk at work today. 
Although my neighbor almost rear ended me and then proceeded to swear and scream at me, I did not get out of my car and beat him senseless.
I did not fall down any stairs today or contract a venereal disease.
No one told me to fuck off today, at least not directly.
I ate some chocolate mini-eggs and they were delicious.
I got paid today.
A dog did not eat my homework today.
I did not fall into a sinkhole today.
An airplane did not crash into my apartment today.
I do not have pink eye.


  1. I sent my list off to my mom and my sister and my sister replied with her own list. Her My 3rd positives are:

    Unlike last night, my son did not power puke all over the front of my legs today.
    The creepy guy at work did not stare at me in the food court today.
    I didn’t get woken up by a fucking wood pecker on the roof today.
    Today, I only had to take 4 Annaprox to help my back instead of 6.
    I stole two Reese peanut butter eggs left over from Easter from my co-worker today.

  2. Always look on the bright side.
    No pink eye, no puke, is a win-win.

  3. Not getting drunk at work can be a bad thing. I was a bartender for a few years. It was glorious.