Thanks, Beautiful Gay Man

"The belly rules the mind." ~ Spanish Proverb

As I visited my local Second Cup Coffee shop this evening to purchase my gourmet organic coffee beans, a tasty treat in the display case caught my eye. A lemon meringue tart that looked divine but definitely was not gluten nor calorie/fat free. As I eyed it up carefully, thinking of both the consequences to my belly (gluten aspect) and my ass (calorie/fat aspect), I thought to myself....I should buy, no I shouldn't...yes, yes, I should. I decided that the beautiful gay man who often works behind the counter should help me out in making this life or death decision; therefore, I asked him, is that tart ass-getting-bigger worth it or just okay? He responded saying, I had one earlier and it was pretty fantastic - besides guys like big asses. Hmm, I would have to be damn terrific for me to justify eating that...and I told him this. He contemplated this quickly and should definitely buy it.


And as I sit here having just finished eating that fantastic, totally worth it lemon meringue tart, I think to myself....thanks beautiful gay man; you were right.


  1. Gay men are usually correct when it comes to Buy a Tart or Not Buy A Tart!

  2. I gave in for baklava. Even though it caused me a great deal of pain, I have no regrets. It's the best thing I've ever had.