Yeah, It Sucks Sometimes....But There's Good Parts Too

"I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done." ~ Lucille Ball (American Comedian, film, stage, radio, television actress, "Lucy"). 

These are a few of my favorite things.......

Led Zeppelin.
Smoking cigarettes. Damnit. 
The Atlantic ocean back home. Getting in when it's too cold to get in. 
Body Surfing in the waves. This is my very favorite thing; it boils down to the root of what happiness is to me at my core. 
Reading a novel you can't put down.
My sister drunk, particularly while on a cruise ship.
A good cup of tea or coffee, preferably coffee.
Florence and the Machine.
Mom's cooking.
The smell of fresh cut grass and sawdust. 
Driving with the windows down.
Clean bed sheets.
My bestie.
Closing my eyes and dancing, barefoot.
Men in kilts.
Men with Irish accents.
Listening to friends play acoustic guitar. 
The leaves turning color in the fall.
My Dad.
Bonfires and fireplaces.
Grey's Anatomy.
My tattoos.
Ridiculous songs like The Humpty Dance.
Car dancing. I really enjoy car dancing. 
Jammy red wine.
The word fuck.
Being drunk on a beach in the Caribbean. 
Dancing in the office with my co-worker and office mate. 

That's me. 
That's what I have gratitude for today. 

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